What Sets Us Apart

We provide a variety of dental treatments that are comfortable, safe, and effective, while respecting allergies, chemical sensitivities, and personal preferences. New patients are asked to list any known sensitivities so we may ensure their visits with us are safe and worry-free. We are happy to answer any questions and provide ingredients for all our dental products. Our office is always fragrance-free.

All services are available at the Mercer Island location. 

  • TMJ, snoring, and sleep apnea appliances for both children and adults
  • Metal-free Invisalign® orthodontics
  • Expansion and bite/face 'golden proportion' beauty and health improvement (structural orthopedics) for adults and children
  • Interceptive (structural orthopedics) orthodontics for children with airway support
  • Biocompatible metal-free filling materials
  • Highly careful removal and replacement of old fillings and crowns; we protect you from breathing or swallowing airborne metallic debris, particles, or toxic vapor during the removal process
  • Children’s holistic dentistry; we can usually get it done without ‘general’ anesthesia drugs, and usually without shots, too!
  • Orthodontics for children, teens, and adults; expansion, not extractions! Avoid uncomfortable headgear!
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