For many people, achieving a healthy, bright smile is their only reason for choosing to receive orthodontic care. Improving function and the comfort of chewing food thoroughly without overusing the front teeth are also good reasons to align your teeth. 

We provide expansion and orthopedic treatment for children, teens and adults of all ages, prior to straightening in order to improve jaw alignment, facial proportions, and optimize your airway to improve breathing.  This is an important part of holistic orthodontic care.  Dr Saepoff can solve the reasons why the teeth became crowded, unevenly worn, and the jaw joints are painful or noisy due to clicking and popping.  These problems can be and should be solved before orthodontic straightening is begun, and the final result is both beautiful and stable.   

All of our orthopedic expanders and clear aligner orthodontic appliances are metal free, with the exception of expanders which have special very small solid titanium screws for gradual and comfortable expansion and development of the dental arches. 

In children, it is possible to create enough space for the permanant teeth. In fact, if the expansion and arch development is begun early enough, many of these children will not need to go on to 'phase two' straightening of the permanent teeth.  

When your treatment is complete, you will feel like you have a comfortable bite, and your face and smile will feel natural and beautiful!  We also want you to feel comfortable and confident throughout your entire orthodontic experience, so our practice is dedicated to making sure you receive the individualized, personalized care you deserve.


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